Wheeled Bin Container made into a Hotel Laundry Basket

Transformed Wheelchair: 
New leg rest fastened, red coat of paint with rust and dirt effects, worn down and patch sewn at the back for a heart shaped box.

New handle for 'Bang Flag' gun 
made and styled from scratch, flag mechanism still completely operational

Decorated Heart Shaped Box
Opticians' Eye Chart Gloves
Mad Hatter's Tea Party Cake

Realistic Telegram made for Lucky Stiff 

made with Photoshop

'Monegaque francs' Bank Notes and Cheques (to be written on)

One of the two 1980s Newspaper pages made for Lucky Stiff 

made using Figma

Rehearsal Prop:
Miniature Skydivers (Performance Prop)

note: paint job not fully completed and polished due to

Back to the Future: The Musical

Strawberry Basket

Small Transformations: 

Airplaine yellow oxygen masks

Painting two phone handles to look the same

Kettled turned copper

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