Originally a play, this was was performed by the Actor Musician cohort and thus arranged according to their instrumental talents. Original songs and underscoring were created for the production and fully intergrated into my book when it felt useful to call off the score. 
Left: Underscored scene using verbal and musical cues for SND (opped by me) and LX
Below: Final song of the show depicting the discovery of the family
This was a particularly difficult production to call as Janáček's operatic style presents many challenges: constant changing rhythms and long instrumental sections that are easy to get lost in. 
To the left and below you can see several examples of cues called at precise musical moments or at the start of a specific bar, this includes LX, SND and FOLLOWSPOT cues, sometimes in very quick succession. 
Music Theatre Bristol Showcase | Oct - Nov 2018
This show consisted of 8 different 10-minute extracts from popular musicals having featured on Broadway. I used judgement to best determine which should be called from the score and which from the libretto - using the estimated amount of music cues as a guide. Lots of fun and great variety!
Left: Opening of the 'The Internet is For Porn' with snap LXQs
Below: the introduction to Cell Block Tango in score, with Gauze and LX Cues
Click here to view a sample opposite the libretto:
Wounds to the Face | Dec 2015 - Jan 2016
This book was made for my first ever DSM role as part of a production skills assessment within my undergraduate theatre course. Our team put together a 20 minute piece based on a given text and a set theme.  The challenge of blocking a choreography-heavy piece in the round, whilst learning the requirements of the role for the first time was a very rewarding experience.
To view the other half of this book, please click on the links below
Corporate Show Book | Exercise as part of Corporate Show-Calling Training  
In March 2020 I took part in Kate Salberg's Corporate Show-Calling Training, getting to know about the process of putting on corporate events, and how to put a prompt book together based on a script, running order and preset information. The reveal section is omitted here as it was not written by me.
I improved the book after several rounds of feedback and then got a chance to practice calling the pretend event myself in front of Kate.  
To view the full book as a PDF please click here

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